DJ Schmolli

„For me there are no boundaries within music. No matter what genre, old or new. Everything I like gets mashed into something unique and new!“

DJ Schmolli from Vienna (Austria) has established himself to a fixed size in the DJ business over the years. In his energetic shows musical boundaries are broken and songs from different genres and eras get mixed up to rock every party. Mashup is the magical word to thrill the audience, worldwide. Party goers in Berlin, Moscow and Rio know the score!

He produced his first mashups during the time as an active musician in 2000, parallel to this he gained some experience on the turntables. Since 2007 he has devoted himself entirely to DJing. In addition to his role as resident DJ in Munich and Frankfurt he also played DJ sets in Vienna (eg Pratersauna, U4 and Ottakringer brewery), Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Lausanne, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro, to name just a few. Not to forget the legendary performance in the birthplace of the “Bootie” mashup parties San Francisco where over 1,300 ecstatic fans celebrated with him. At festivals Schmolli is a frequently booked act, such as the Paaspop festival in Holland or the VOLT Festival in Sopron (Hungary).

Until now DJ Schmolli has produced over 250 mashups that also get lots of radio airplay, for example on BBC Radio1 or Austria’s biggest station OE3. But above all the internet is the largest platform for his productions. His videos are reaching hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube, making him one of the most successful mashup producers in the world. He easily blended 80s cult hits with current chart toppers, mixes Coldplay with the Beach Boys, Sean Paul with Falco. Or why not taking all the stadium hymns & singalongs and blending them into the “Super Bowl Anthem”? Even print media such as the “Washington Post” and the “Toronto Star” have already become aware of him.

DJ Schmolli – Pirate Nation Vol.2 by djschmolli
DJ Schmolli – Pirate Nation Vol.1 by djschmolli